I am professor of economics (with a chair in economic theory) with the Johannes Kepler Universität Linz.  I am also a fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research (London, director of the European Trade Study Group and the Institute for International and Development Economics, senior research fellow with the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies, and a board member of the Global Trade Analysis Project. I serve on the editorial board of the Review of Development Economics, and the World Trade Review. Past professional incarnations have included professor of economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam, research economist for the World Trade Organization, and chief of research and acting director of economics for the U.S. International Trade Commission. I studied economics at the University of Maryland and economics and history at the University of Virginia.

My current research interests include: cross-border production chains and employment; globalization and inequality; trade in services; open economy competition policy and the regulation of firm behavior; financial market integration; open economy growth and development; economic integration broadly defined; the multilateral trading system; trade and investment policy under imperfect competition (including the location of industry); the role of the service sector (finance, margin and intermediate services, etc.) in trade and development; competition policy in open markets; computational partial and general equilibrium modeling; and estimation and inference within large nonlinear systems (like large scale, multi-sector general equilibrium econometric models).


working papers & publications

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Selected working papers:

Consolidated Data on International Trade in Services
Download through RePEC:
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Bilateral Exchange Rates and Jobs
Eddy Bekkers, Joseph Francois.

Modes of Delivery in Services,
E. Christen and J. Francois,
CEPR discussion paper 7912.

Trading Profiles and Developing Country Participation in the WTO Dispute Settlement System, Francois, J., H.Horn and N. Kaunitz.

Dynamic Factor Price Equalization and International Convergence,
J. Francois and C. Shiells.

Cross-Border Trade and FDI in Services,
C. Fillat-Castejon, J. Francois, and J. Woerz.


Institutions, Infrastructure, and Trade, (updated 2013 version can be downloaded here)
Francois J and M. Manchin, forthcoming World Development.

Trade and industrial structure with large firms and heterogeneity.
earlier version: Heterogeneous Firms, the Structure of Industry & Trade under Oligopoly),
Bekkers, E. and J. Francois, European Economic Review, forthcoming.

Import Prices, Income, and Inequality,
Eddy Bekkers, Joseph Francois and Miriam Manchin, European Economic Review, 2012.

Market Structure in Multisector General Equilibrium Models of Open Economies
J. Francois, M. Manchin and W. Martin, in P. Dixon and D. Jogenson eds., Handbook of Computable General  Equilibrium Models, North Holland: Elsevier, 2012.

CGE Modeling of Trade and Investment in Services
E. Christen, J. Francois, and B. Hoekman, in P. Dixon and D. Jogenson eds., Handbook of Computable General Equilibrium Models, North Holland: Elsevier, 2012.

Household Inequality, Social Welfare, and Trade 
J. Francois and H. Rojas-Romagosa, CEPR discussion paper 7998, Journal of Development Economics 2011.

Computable General Equilibrium Models of International Trade
Joseph Francois and Will Martin, in D. Berhofen et al, eds., Palgrave Handbook of International Trade, pp 571-593, 2011.

Shifts in International Trade and Value Added from 1995 to 2007: Insights into the Drivers of Growth, J. Francois and J. Woerz, Oesterreichische Nationalbank (Austrian Central Bank), issue 3, pages 37-56, 2011.

Ex Ante Assessment of the Welfare Impacts of Trade Reforms with Numerical Models.
J. Francois and W. Martin.  Chapter 13 Ex Ante, in John Gilbert (ed.) New Developments in Computable General Equilibrium Analysis for Trade Policy (Frontiers of Economics and Globalization, Volume 7), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp.379-434, 2010.

The Impact of Trade Liberalisation on Jobs and Growth: Technical Note
OECD Trade Policy Working Papers 107, OECD 2010.

Market Structure and Market Access
Francois, J.  and I. Wooton, World Economy 2010.

Services Trade and Policy
Francois, J.  and B. Hoekman, CEPR discussion paper 7616 , Journal of Economic Literature 2010.

Non-linear panel estimation of import quotas:
The evolution of quota premiums under the ATC
Francois J. and J. Woerz, in the Journal of International Economics, 2009.

Economic Implications of Asian Integration
Francois J. and G. Wignaraja, in the Global Economy Journal, 2008.

Producer Services, Manufacturing Linkages, and Trade 
Francois J. and J. Woerz, in the Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade, 2008.

US – Countervailing Duty Investigation of DRAMS
Francois J. and D. Palmeter, in the World Trade Review, 2008.

Antitrust in Open Economics
Francois J. and H. Horn, in the The Political Economy of Antitrust edited by Vivek Ghosal and Johan Stennek, Elsevier-North Holland, 2007.

Preference Erosion and Multilateral Trade Liberalization,
Francois, J. B. Hoekman and M. Manchin, World Bank Economic Review, 2006.

Macroeconomic Determinants of Antidumping in Mexico,
Niels, G. and J.F. Francois, Review of Development Economics, 2006.

Preferential Trade Agreements, Differentiated Intermediates, and Trade Patterns,
in O. Cadot et al, eds, Economics of Regional Trade Agreements, Oxford University Press, 2006.

EU Developing Country FTAs: Overview and Analysis,
J. Francois, M. McQueen, and G. Wignaraja, World Development 2005.

Trade Liberalization in the Doha Development Round,
Francois, J.F., H. van Meijl and F. van Tongeren, Economic Policy 2005.

Assessing the Impact of Trade Policy on Labor Markets and Production,
Francois, J.F., Économie International, 2004.

Commercial Policy Variability, Bindings, and Market Access,
Francois, J.F. and W. Martin, European Economic Review, 2004.

Regulated Efficiency and the Impact of China”s WTO Accession on the Auto Sector,
Francois, J.F. and D. Spinanger, World Bank Economic Review. 2004.

Introduction To The Special Section On China And The WTO,
J. Francois & S.Yao, Pacific Economic Review, 2003.

Formula Approaches for Market Access Negotiations,
Francois, J.F. and W. Martin, World Economy, 2003.

A Geometry of Specialization,
Francois, J.F. and D. Nelson, Economic Journal, 2002.

The Cost of Rich (and Poor) Country Protection to Developing Countries,
Anderson, K., B. Dimaranan, J.F. Francois, T. Hertel, B. Hoekman, and W. Martin J.F. , Journal of African Economies, 2001.

Introduction: Services Trade and the GATS,
J. Francois and H. Horn, European Journal of Political Economy, 2001.

Market Structure, Trade Liberalization, and the GATS,
Francois, J.F. and I. Wooton, European Journal of Political Economy, 2001.

Trade in International Transport Services: The Role of Competition,
Francois, J.F. and I. Wooton, Review of International Economics, 2001.

Trade Policy Transparency and Investor Confidence -- the Implications of an Effective Trade Policy Review Mechanism,
Francois, J.F., Review of International Economics, 2001.

Trade, Technology, and Wages:  General Equilibrium Mechanics,
Francois, J.F. and D. Nelson, Economic Journal,1998 (reprinted 2001).

Costs and Benefits of EU Enlargement to the East,
Baldwin, R.E., J.F. Francois, and R.E. Portes, Economic Policy, 1997.

Commercial Policy and the Domestic Carrying Trade,
Francois, J.F., H. Arce, J. Flynn, and K.A. Reinert, Canadian Journal of Economics, 1996.

The Role of Services in the Structure of Production and Trade: Stylized Facts from a Cross-Country Analysis,
Francois, J.F. and K.A. Reinert, Asia-Pacific Economic Review, 1996.

Aggregate Demand Shifts, Income Distribution, and the Linder Hypothesis,
Francois, J.F. and S. Kaplan, Review of Economics and Statistics, 1996.

Labor Force Growth, Trade, and Wages,
Francois, J.F., Economic Journal, 1996.

Dynamic Implications of International Trade in Financial Services,
Francois, J.F., International Economic Journal, 1995.

Global Production and Trade: Factor Migration and Commercial Policy
with International Scale Economies
Francois, J.F., International Economic Review, 1994.

Explaining the Pattern of Trade in Producer Services,
Francois, J.F., International Economic Journal, 1993.

Countervailing the Effects of Subsidies: An Economic Analysis,
Francois, J.F., Journal of World Trade, 1992.

Models for Government Trade Policy Analysis: A Survey of Methods,
Francois, J.F. and K.A. Reinert, Atlantic Economic Journal, 1992.

Optimal Commercial Policy with International Returns to Scale,
Francois, J.F., Canadian Journal of Economics, 1992.

Trade in Producer Services and Returns Due to Specialization Under Monopolistic Competition
Francois, J.F., Canadian Journal of Economics, 1990.

Producer Services, Scale, and the Division of Labor,
Francois, J.F., Oxford Economic Papers, 1990.

Trade in Nontradables: Proximity Requirements and the Pattern of Trade in Services,
Francois, J.F., Journal of Economic Integration, 1990.

Measuring Homeownership Costs: Owners, Estimates of Implicit Rents and the Relative Importance of Rental Equivalence in the Consumer Price Index,
Francois, J.F., Real Estate Economics (formerly AREUEA Journal), 1989.

Monographs, books, &tc

Non-Tariff Measures in EU-US Trade and Investment: An Economic Analysis,
Joseph Francois & Koen Berden & Saara Tamminen & Martin Thelle & Paul Wymenga, 2009.

Francois, J.F. and G. Wignaraja, PAN-ASIAN INTEGRATION: Linking East and South Asia,
Palgrave Macmillan, 2009, ISBN: 0-230-22178-5.

THE NEXT WTO ROUND: North-South stakes in new market access negotiations,
Francois, J.F., CIES Adelaide and the Tinbergen Institute,
CIES: Adelaide. ISBN: 0-86396-474-5, 2001.

Dynamic Issue in Applied Commercial Policy Analysis,
Baldwin, R.E. and J.F. Francois, eds.,Cambridge University Press, ISBN: 0-521-64171-3, 1999.

Economic Transition and the Greening of Policies,
Brockmeier, M., J.F. Francois, T.W. Hertel, and P. Michael Schmitz, Wissenschaftsverlag Vauk Kiel AG. ISBN: 3-8175-0285-0, 1998.

Applied Methods for Trade Policy Analysis: A Handbook,
Francois, J.F. and K.A. Reinert, eds., Cambridge University Press, ISBN:0-521-58997-5, 1997.

Modeling Trade Policy: Applied General Equilibrium Assessments of
North American Free Trade
Francois, J.F. and C.R. Shiells, Cambridge University Press: Cambridge,
ISBN:0-521-450003-9, 1994.

Miscellaneous stuff, papers, and such

Preferential Trade Arrangements, Induced Investment, and National Income in a Heckscher-Ohlin-Ramsey Model,
J. Francois and M. Rombout, CEPR and Tinbergen Institute discussion paper.

Victims of Progress: Economic Integration, Specialization, and Wages for Unskilled Labor,
J. Francois and D. Nelson, CEPR and Tinbergen Institute discussion paper.

Imperfectly Competitive Financial Markets and Financial Market Integration,
Francois, J.F.,USITC Research Division Paper 92-08-B.

Factor Mobility, Economic Integration, and the Location of Industry,
Francois, J.F.,in R.E. Baldwin  and A. Brunetti, volume editors, Economic Impact of EU Membership on Entrants:  New Methods and Issues, Kluwer Academic Publishers: Boston/Dordrecht/London.

Transition Dynamics and Trade Policy Reform in Developing Countries,
Francois, J.F. H. Nordstrom and C.R. Shiells,in R.E. Baldwin and J.F. Francois, eds., Dynamic Issue in Applied Commercial Policy Analysis, Cambridge University Press.

Commercial Policy and North-South Migration,
Francois, J.F. and D. Nelson, in R.E. Baldwin and J.F. Francois, eds., Dynamic Issue in Applied Commercial Policy Analysis, Cambridge University Press.

Scale Economies and Imperfect Competition in Applied Trade Models,
Francois, J.F., and D.W. Roland-Holst,in J.F. Francois and K.A. Reinert, eds., Applied Methods for Trade Policy Analysis: A Handbook, Cambridge University Press.

Trade Liberalization and the Capital Stock in a Multilateral Framework,
Francois, J.F., B.J. McDonald, and H. Nordstrom in R.E. Baldwin and J.F. Francois, eds., Dynamic Issue in Applied Commercial Policy Analysis, Cambridge University Press.

External Bindings and the Credibility of Reform,
Francois, J.F., in A. Galal and B. Hoekman, eds., Regional Partners in Global Markets, Centre for Economic Policy Research.

Telecommunications Network Quality and Export Performance,
Boatman, K. and J. Francois, in Regional Interests and Global Issues: The Challenge of Telecommunications Integration for the Pacific, edited by Mark D. Lofstrom and Dan J. Wedemeyer, Pacific Telecommunications Council.

My (aging/old/yellowing) inaugural lecture from my appointment to my chair at Erasmus University: The International Economy and Economic Development.


“Many years ago this was a thriving, happy planet—people, cities, shops, a normal world.  Except that on the high streets of these cities there were slightly more shoe shops than one might have thought necessary. And slowly, insidiously, the numbers of these  shoes shops were increasing.  It’s a well-known economic phenomenon but tragic to see it in operation, for the more shoe shops there were, the more shoes they had to make and the worse the  shoes and more unwearable they became.  And the worse they were to wear, the more people had to buy to keep themselves shod, and the more the shops proliferated, until the whole economy of the place passed what I believe is termed the Shoe Event Horizon, and it  became no longer economically possible to build anything other than shoe  shops.  Result—collapse, ruin,  famine.  Most of the population died  out.”

Douglas Adams,Restaurant at the End of the Universe, PAN:  MACMILLAN, 1980.

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