I am an economist with strong skills in research, education, policy and practice, with over fifteen years of relevant work experience.

I have a passion for teaching economic principles and methods, and explaining current economic issues and (potential) solutions to audiences from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. I also enjoy capacity building on the ground, and policy-making on the basis of evidence-based research.

I previously held positions as a senior researcher in the area of international trade in agriculture, diets and food and nutrition security (Wageningen Economic Research), as a health finance and economics advisor to developing countries (Royal Tropical Institute – KIT) and as a policy advisor on international financial economics and institutions (Ministry of Finance). These positions have in common my interest in addressing poverty-related issues and strategically using research on societal problems for translation into policy.

I obtained my Ph.D. in economics at the University of Nottingham and my M.Sc. degree in development economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. My specialty as an quantitative economist predominantly lies in the area of Computable General Equilibrium modelling. Country experience includes Vietnam, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Rwanda and Eastern Europe.

For a complete overview of my background and qualifications see my LinkedIn profile. A list of my publications can be found HERE.