Interests and background: My research interests include economic integration, the broader social and environmental impacts of trade agreements, and measurement of trade barriers and their effects.

Since 2006, I work for ECORYS as a senior consultant at the division Macro- and Sector Policies (MSP) for the Competence Area 'Trade and Industry'. At present I am working on Trade Sustainability Impact Assessments, non-tariff barriers and issues related to sectoral, industry and country competitiveness. I also teach at Erasmus University Rotterdam, where I lecture on international economics, empirics of globalisation, international trade and trade policy, macro-economics, and international trade. I have also been teaching for the Master in Maritime Economic and Logistics (MEL) courses in economics and international economics at Erasmus University. Currently, I am chairman of the MEL Education Board.

From 2004 - 2006 I was founder and first president of the Foundation AEGEE Trust Fund, a fund that was called into action in December 2003 to support the process or equal European integration, mutual understanding and intercultural tolerance and co-operation between students from all European countries. I was Chair of the PM and Agora for AEGEE-Europe, the European Student Forum, from 2000 - 2002, chairing statutory meetings of the Association in the years 2001 and 2002 in Katowice (Poland), Constanta (Romania), Valletta (Malta), Ankara (Turkey), Helsinki (Finland), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Cagliari (Italy) and Athens (Greece). Furthermore I was Liaison Officer for the European Cultural Foundation, a foundation that promotes events that deal with topics evolving around culture as well as Liaison Officer for the OECD, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development where AEGEE was a knowledge partner.


Working papers, reports, and publications

"On the static and dynamic costs of trade restrictions for small developing countries,"
C Van Marrewijk, KG Berden - Journal of Development Economics, 2007.

"Maintenance Costs, Obsolescence, and Endogenous Growth,"
KG Berden, C van Marrewijk, Erasmus University Rotterdam, 2005.

"Reforming Public Enterprises- Case Studies: The Netherlands", Haffner R CG, Berden KG in Reforming Public Enterprises: Case Studies", PUMA/OECD, 1998

Teaching and Supervision

Recent courses include: