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The NTM Network

A place for researchers interested in non-tariff measures and trade facilitation to exchange

  • databases,
  • quantitative methods,
  • working papers, and
  • research ideas of all sorts.

There is also some material on the related area of international trade in services.

For information on using and editing the NTM Wiki or for more information on The NTM Network, please visit our About NTM Network page.

Upcoming Events

For a calendar of upcoming conferences and seminars related to NTMs or to post information about an event, see the Current Events page.


  • General NTM Studies (Includes broader NTM research not specifically focused on SPS, TBT or other standards, such as export duties, quotas, fees, licensing, developing country issues, etc.)

The papers in this section have an emphasis on a specific country, region or industry. Many of the links in this section are also listed in other pages in the NTM Wiki, and are cross-listed here to expedite research on NTMs when a particular country, region or industry is of interest.
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